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I pooted.

Flawlessness if flawed.

That said, where've I been the past few days. Got some resumes out. Got a reply, unfortunately, it was, "Take this test, and then, should a position open that you qualify for, we'll let you know." Damn State IT department.

Other news... err... I've been kinda chillin', enjoying the pastoral life while the ominous portents hang over me. Got a permit again. Liscense soon to follow, and I don't like large cars, which my dad always seems to have. Sure, it's no blazer, but this Grand Prix has a larger wheelbase. I like narrow and short cars.

Meanwhile, James and Sam and I all sat down and watched the first season of Gargoyles, most of it in a single sitting. I forgot how cool that show was. First off, I have amazing respect for an animated series that:

  1. Has a five part pilot.
  2. Maintains continuity.
  3. Includes blood.
  4. Episode N, character gets shot, and almost dies. Episode N+1, that character is on crutches while they heal up.
  5. Bad guys sometimes win.

Towards the end of the first season, a few weaker episodes pop up, including ruining an otherwise good episode with a stupid helicopter gimmick.

Meanwhile, I've come up with a solution for my Web Design problems. I'm going to convince Eagan to indie-study it with me next semester. That way, the D doesn't stand, and I can settle the point of honor which is that low grade. It also can take place with a bit less concern about getting onto the campus regularly.

Now, the following may be uncomfortable with some, but don't misinterpret, these are musings.
Now, what I'm pondering is this weird Amanda thing. Whenever we were coupled, and apart for breaks, the bonds between us would weaken. All of our breakups, save the final one, cascaded off of a summer break. However, when we're not coupled, the opposite occurs. The summer I met her, this previous Thanksgiving break, and even this winter break. I'm beginning to lust for her again, not in the phyiscal sense, but in the sense of personal union.
But to act on that, would simply be bad. Oh sure, it all works out all right in the end, but it'd be a bad road. Besides, it always works out alright in the end.

And I'm sure this'll pass too. But, for the moment, it's not. That's where I am, and what I think.

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