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Infinite Dreams or the Clairvoyant? Who knows.

Houston, we have a problem. I poop too much.

That randomness aside, lets recap shall we. The New Year rolled around, which is amusing because I missed it. Microsoft conquered our new years eve party which was full of mage knight and a pair of x-box's. Which, I must say, has some things in its favor, like amazing graphics and some awesome games.

It still has some evil traits, like the control you need to play DVDs is an extra thing that you have to buy seperately.

I also have a riddle about my current reading adventure, it is both a question and an answer.

Q:"Which came first, the Discordians or the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria?"
A:"Robert Shea and Rober Anton Wilson."

Can you solve the riddle?

And my illusion of a relaxed life is starting to crumble. Grades will be arriving any day now, and I'll have to deal with the fact that I'm not graduating. Which actually, I think is a good thing. Because it's causing stress, and raising energy, and moving me into yet another one of these cusp moments. So... hrm.

And some people pick the worst times for lunch breaks. My father, when connecting the cable for my sister's TV seems to have unscrambled all the premium channels. I want to know what he screwed up and how he can recreate it for all the TVs in the house. Aww... but not SciFi. But Showtime and Starz, etc. Wait, this just in, only showtime, encore and starz. Eh, not worth it.

Continuing along... I'm out of stuff to say. I want to be Joshua Norton when I grow up.

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