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Well well, my parents are on my back, "Get a job over at fleet so that you can have some money in your pocket." No. No, no, no and no.

Here's what happens- I get a temp job, settle in, and never move. I get stuck in Kingston, you know, the place I swore I'd leave and never come back to? Well, I've become more moderate, there are some nice people to visit, but I will not live here.

That however, seems to upset my parents. Screw 'em.

In other news, Jen was snubbed by Brian, which is disenhartening, because I still hold to having seen a bit of akward interest. Maybe he pulled a Remy and was like "Hrmmm.... yeah... oh wait- no." Anywho, Jen's quite upset about it, and rightly so. Ah well, the mess will be cleansed, and at some point, Jen'll get pulled out of her self-imposed nunnery whether she likes it or not.

Semi-annual New Year's Eve party will be at Apples', not Max's, because Max is a hoser and not being around this year. Posh, at some point New Year's Eve, if you know Apples, go to his house. Much fun will be had. This includes you .

Other than that... today's a very magickal day. When you sit down to do something, it will happen, and when you set your mind to being unlimited, you will be. I'm considering rollerblading to the mall, just to see if I can, but the 4 lane highways between here and there are a bit daunting. We shall see, we shall see.

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