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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Okay, so I'm cutting back on my TV consumption (when you're bored in…

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

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run the fuck away
Okay, so I'm cutting back on my TV consumption (when you're bored in K-Town, it's often very tempting) and I'm not fixing my internet problem just yet. I want to see what happens without it for a little bit.

I sat down and watched Pi today, finally. And it brought me a realization. There is truth, and most of us, to some degree, are searching for it. But the real trick is, that the truth lies in the rejection of the search. You only find truth when you refuse to look. And not refusing to look from laziness or disinterest, but refusal to look because you know what it's going to cost you. And it's the understanding of the value of truth that is the real truth. But you can't have that understanding until you're ready to give everything for truth... you'd give your life, your love, every sense of meaning to find truth... and you draw back from the precipice to never ask "Why?" again. That is truth.

I'm not sure that made any sense.

I let my parents dictate my behavior too much. I haven't done a reading while I've been home since we dropped Tim off, simply because I don't want them to see me doing it. I may finally sit down and program a version, just for quick reads. Either that, I'll whip 'em out and say, "Fuck 'em all". Another funny note, I've been moving away from GUI interface and relying more and more on the text based console. Maybe I'm finally turning into a true *nix geek?

Oh, and another Knight's Tale related gripe: Having the writer character be named Chaucer was really poor taste, and poorly executed, save for the one really bad reference. He's talking with his wife, who says, "I like this bunch. They're definitely alot more interesting than those pilgrims that you hung out with last year." Of course, wait... that scene was deleted. Eh, I think they should have ditched the entire Chaucer thing anyway. Name him Bob for chrissakes.
  • Umm... that wasn't the only reference. Were you paying attention to the part with the Pardoner and the other guy? (His office is escaping me at the moment.) They were right out of Chaucer if you've read it all. I found that actually clever honestly.
  • eh, the whole movie was so displaced that I had to either deal with the fact that it was a complete anachronism (where the fuck did they find the chick's hairdos and she would have been fried at the stake for those dresses...) but anywho, since I had to put all of that behind me to enjoy the movie at all, I just dealt with the whole Chaucer thing (not easy for an English teacher, you know, lol)
  • Now I HAVE to see this movie. Perhaps a $.99 rental and we can all sit together and make fun of it with bottles of Hooch in one hand and bowls of gourmet popcorn in the other at our place?
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