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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Hey hey hello. Yesterday, overall, was pretty bland. Apple's…

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

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run the fuck away
Hey hey hello.

Yesterday, overall, was pretty bland. Apple's Christmas party... er, Apples' and Becky's christmas party (she was hosting it too) was fun, despite the overwhelming ratio of Cassilites (Cassie, Kayla, Kelly...). Ben and I got in a miniwar over whether or not A Knight's Tale was a good movie. He took umbrage at the fact that some anachronisms were so bad I couldn't help but cringe.

Take Rocky. Mix it with an after school special, and make sure that the antagonist is going for the same girl. Put them on horses and in armor. You have a Knight's Tale.

I was less than fond of the movie, and not just because of the painful anachronisms. But the blacksmith chick kicked ass. "You're not a woman, you're a blacksmith." "Sometimes I'm both."

Anywho... lemme see... other interesting stuff. I slept last night. That was novel. I met my uncle's fiance... she's bloody awesome. I get along with her better than my uncle.

This though, was amusing. I've decided that I'm going to score myself a date, just a single date, with Natalie. But Ben has been having great fun pointing out that I got shotdown (which I didn't) at the HKT Christmas Eve party. But then I related the tale of the recipt exchange, which was just this very akward exchange that actually started this whole thing, where I walked away from Beanieland without a recipt, and Natalie called after me. I didn't want it, but figured it'd be rude to make her hold onto it, so I went back to throw it out. The look on her face was... well, odd.

Ben, Apples and James all pointed out how funny it would be if her number had been on the back of it. From the akwardness and the look on her face, and knowing my luck, I wouldn't be surprised. But I doubt it. I still consider that a hilarious story.

Funny... when I get online a mere once a day, my posts become a great deal more cursory and more an update on my activities, and less my insights into them. Bah.
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