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Well, well well. I saw Lord of the Rings last night. Modershpif overall. As one who hasn't read the books, I thought it was rather shpif, and my friends who had read the books only had a few small gripes.

My biggest complaint? While overall the visuals were stunning, and done so well that the suspension of disbelief was complete, there were a set of shots that I call the "We're running... we're running..." shots. The characters are running across a fantasy scene, which of course, is beyond the capacity for a set, and so it's all CG. And when the characters are running, all I could think was, "Diablo 2".

Other than that though, I had a good time, and I was impressed.

Afterwards, we went to hang out at HKT, being that the mall's open till 11 for the holidays. Did some shopping for my sister at Beanieland, and took a moment to talk to the cute girl that works there. She seems interesting, and I think I'm going to make an effort to get to know her. She's decidedly friendly, and I like friendly people. And, just so no one gets the wrong idea, she has a name other than Beanieland Girl... it's Natalie. So *nyah*. She's not on the list.

Ummm... other news... I've been invited to the HKT christmas party, and would muchly like to go, but I don't know what my family has planned tonight. And *ahem* the fact that Natalie is probably working has nothing to do with me wanting to go. I was planning to go before I really started talking to her.

Now, I just want to go more.

Shaddap you.

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