How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Good news in Remydom. I've got my modem working and my floppy drive working. Bad news in Remydom- my parents have Compuserve2000, and CS has two versions... 2000 and Classic. Only the CLASSIC accounts can use PPP. I'm currently harassing them trying to agitate for some amiacable solution to this. One that doesn't involve me, a baseball bat and a server room.

Hopefully by tonight I'll have a solution worked out, and then I won't have to go kicking some ass. Becuase I need my late night romps online where I actually talk to people. Yesterday was my no socialization day, as everyone either embarked on trips or went to work, being all my friends have jobs.

Funny that, eh wot?

Post, posh posh.

To my copy of Tesla: Man Out of Time. Ahhhh... Tesla, swooned over by women, but had a Mike Smihdhjlhewaski(Shmee-cow-ski) view on relationships. Almost leveled a couple of blocks in Manhattan with a device that could fit in his pocket. Ran around for a bit claiming that he could destroy any building he wanted or even the world if he wanted to.

And he was right. ::grins::

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