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Um... yeah, about that memo...

I'm going to shoot myself in the fucking head. Just thought I'd make a public announcement, so that people can be standing by with mops.

So yeah, I walk into Saga, and lo and behold, there's Dr. Egan, and... again, lo and behold, she wants to talk to me... "You should hear this from me before you get your grades." I got a D. I got a fucking D in web design... which means as it stands, I don't graduate.

So, yeah... this doesn't make for a happy Remy. No, not happy at all. I'm sending her an email and she said she'd give me a list of all of my grades for the course, and then I'm going to beg, plead and offer anything to get another assignment to boost my grade, or a chance to redo something. I don't want her to just wave the magick red pen and boost my grade, I'm more than willing to work for it, but it would have been nice to know I was doing this poorly earlier in the semester. Probably would have gone to more classes and worked harder.

But... BAH. What's Her Name thinks Dr. Egan will give in, and hand me some extra work. Not that extra work is really desireable at the moment, simply because of that paper I buried myself in.

But I dug my own grave on this one. But damn I don't intend to stay in it.

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