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Slept till noon... again...

Paper? I don't need to write no stinking paper...

"Have it in by thursday or you fail."

Well... okay, so I do, but I'm sooooo not doing it today. I'm in too good a mood to work on a friggin paper. Except for the fact that every 10-20 minutes my computer freezes for one second, then unfreezes. It's annoying and confusing. I think it's something my web browser is doing, and that it'd be a good idea to restart X.

Either that, there's something still off in linux from that little loading fiasco with a touch too much overclocking. I should use something aside from FSB, but I haven't felt up to adding some resistors to my processor... That, and I still haven't built a cooling system.

However, I do want to experiment with some M-overclocking. Couple of carefully synched time warps perhaps? FTL processing? I'd be all about that. Though with the chips EM fields, it'd collapse real easy.

Anywho... I'm going to sit around doing no work today, and relaxing and being cheerful. Come rescue me from boredom though.

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