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Wash your hair at least every two weeks...

So, Remy starts doing his N-degress of LJ friends page thingy, where you snag a random user, then go through thier friends page, and thier friends pages, until you return to your own.

Two steps. I'm so popular.

It's interesting. Someone recently posted thier "Top 10 Ways to Not Get On Thier Friend's Page" or something like that. It was pretty strict, and one of them included, "Having more than 45 people as your 'friends'". Now, I personally don't think of my LJ friends as "friends" in the traditional sense. They're people that I'm interested in reading about. If they want to read about my life, more power to 'em. It's not that I have to worry about people reading my locked posts. There has never been one, nor will there be. What I write here is as true as I can make it.

So, fuck the elitists (she remains on my friends page anyway, because she is interesting), lets have fun and corrupt the world with radical honesty! YAY!

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