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The day's finals are done. Web design was... well, it was cake... or would have been if I had the textbooks (an open book test). The professor said, "Bring any books or notes you want," and being that I had no book, nor did I take any notes, I brought my tarot cards. Thier guidance wasn't as precise as I could have hoped. "Shit? What's the syntax for an image map?" And I draw the High Priestess. Ummmm... that means, what in this case exactly?

It was amusing though, and my class got a few chuckles at watching me frantically do a reading. I still finished first, after going, "Eh, I'll makesomething up for this question>". I'm all about the making things up.

Also, while at RPA last night, Seth and Bob complained that they were trying to grow wings to match what they had astrally, but it was going slowly and uncomfortably. Over lunch I sat down and started sketching out the basic plans behind a device/system that is basically a highly specialized "astral compromiser". The basic concept is something that's going to just ignore the difference between physical and astral (being that there isn't one anyway, that part's easy), then manipulate the physical to start matching the astral. It'll use some cellular stimulation to spawn growth of the skin and bones in the appropriate area. I'm not sure exactly how those parts of the system are going to work, simply because a single glitch could cause bone cancer or skin cancer.

Something to fiddle with over break. Once I've got the technique perfected, I'm all about growing a pair of physical wings, and maybe some porqcupine quills. And manifesting astral devices as physical cybernetic implants. Ohhhh yeah.

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