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Good morning birds, good morning bees, and all the little things...

In trees, trees trees.

BaH! Camp songs. Sum up, for those of you that missed me on Friday...

'Manda crashed here after Denny's and she was having a rough moment because she heard about Seamus' most recent activity, namely, stripping off a young lady's shirt in public against her will. Being that Seamus has, in the past, been untoward towards Amanda in very similar ways, this tweaked her out most of the night.

We slept in till 2, and got a really late start on the day even after that, simply because I was lazy and silly, and we had glitches with 'Manda's paycheck. However, we had some fun Christmas Shopping, and Remy is the proud owner of his CHristmas present from 'Manda, a Alice in Wonderland Tarot deck.. it's great.

Anywho, later that night, it was OFF TO RPA!

None of the really cool people were there, or at least, none of the balanced people were. Or more accurately, the balancing people. RPA is a time bomb waiting to go off, especially with Seth driving things. As Dennis put it, Seth is a bull in a china shop. Though, the way I see it, Seth is a good testbed. He's willing to give almost anything a shot, and he's a good perso to demonstrate whether or not any of my M-inventions work.

Mike, another RPAer is great in practice, but heady, and innacurate in his theory. Well, clumsy more than innacurate. Because he's right, but it's not the most useful way to be right.

Anywho, I'll actually post something thoughtful later. I've got one exam down, and another at 1:30.


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