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Morning, morning with an Uptown Girl

Sad when the song that you're listening to determines your subject.

Anywho... it's morning. I slept almost well. Sat up for awhile having a late night conversation with my roomate, which always reminds me of the old days in trimount, when you've got six guys in a cabin, light's out has been called, but nobody wants to actually get sleep before getting up at 6:30 for work.

My roomate keeps equating it to Sienfeld, mainly because we talk about nothing. For example, we went from Disney to Starwars- not a big jump really, except for the fact that we went there by way of a meteor turning Kansas into a volcano.

I'm not prepared for my 20 minute presentation. ::laugh:: Ah well! I'll pull something out of my ass. I always do.

Tonight's going to be dance practice, and I'm just hoping for some sort of change of pace. Something different. No offense to the friends that I love dearly, I need some time with friends that I love less dearly, and see less often.

I hate having to deal with practicalities of stuff...

"We need a connection but you seem to push me far away from you... the harder I push the farther I fall, well you don't mind me being headstrong, but you don't want to sing along, maybe it's trite, but I can't always, always, always be wrong."

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