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Remy's Ahhhhhndrea darling isn't faring so well. I love her and Greg dearly, and I'm just not a fan of upsettitude! I'm all about doing something more for them both, but... what? I'm not so good at the whole "good listerner" and "apt problemsolver" thing. Generally, my way of solving problems involves laughing them into oblivion; but it's hard to do that, and it's even harder getting people to do that too. I do my best to be silly when people are upset, but that's not always the best method.

I'm upset that Andrea is upset. I'd be upset that Greg is upset, but I only know Greg is upset through others, I haven't talked to him. I can get upset by proxy, but not via proxy.

Proxy is a cool word. Werd yo. W3r> +0 yR |\/|0+h3r.

Okay, silliness is good. YAY SILLINESS!

I should get my mind out of other peoples problems and into my books... for at least a few hours tonight.

GARG. I don't wanna.

Mind wants AIR! I might go rollerblading. Maybe. If I get enough motivation up. Actually, I think I'm all about rollerblading.

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