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Stress By Remy

Remy stress sources, an accounting:

  1. Database Presentation at 4 today.
  2. 'Manda.
  3. Stuff I'm supposed to have for today's web design class
  4. The Existentialism presentation for tomorrow that I haven't started.
  5. The Database homework for tomorrow that I don't have a book to do.
  6. A lack of job prospects.
  7. Generic feeling of aloneness and emptiness.

I'm good... I'm... hideous. I'm new to this stress thing. I'm not used to it. It'll all pass, and I can feel that, I know it... it's just that... I've never really cared before. Stress would come and go, and I'd be more or less nonplussed. Occasionally I'd have minor panic attacks, and I'd always have this feeling that I could handle it, and if I couldn't, I didn't really care anyway.

But gek... edge echoes in me. I'm not sure I can handle it, and I do care. I care about the people around me, I care about myself, I care about everything ramping out smoothly.

Kaishgie, the world in Balance, I am at peace with the universe and my place within it. I Balance against all things as all things balance against me. Kaishgie, the world in Balance.

A moment to relax... I'm going to meditate for a bit, and then deal with the work I have.

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