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Yay Shrek.

Saw it for the first time. Fun fun muchly so.

I have been amused.

Hung out with Sarah, Missi, Patrick, Jen and Dennis during and after the viewing. Jen and Dennis left first, then the rest of us departed. Lots of fun, silly conversation.

Though now is a wonderful time to point out my favorite rule: "Don't be dumb." Just... concerns over Missi and Patrick, probably jumping at shadows, but it's an apt rule. Not to mention, that's really none of my business.

Anywho... it's funny, I tend to scorn alot of affectations. People around me, some I respect, some I mock, have been picking up alot of M-affectations, or broadcasting them. Like Seth, and his "true" form, and all his "past lives", etc. 'Manda with her wings.

Then there's me. Remy. Plain, old simple Remy. And I like it. There've been alot of times where "I want to be special too" would echo in my head. But that's been going away for awhile, and now it's lesser than ever.

Remy's niftyness comes not from his arcane majesty, it's from his charming wit, and dashing good looks.

That said, it is sleep time. My fatigue is great, and it's not just body sleepiness, it's that bone tired that comes from emotional and mental fatigue. And a few good, cleansing cries.

I marvel at the lack of coherency in this post. Let me sum up clearly.

I had a fun night.

I am concerned that Missi and Patrick's behavior could lead to impropriety. Hence, I advise, "Don't be Dumb".

I have realized that I don't need any external, metaphysical expressions of my own uniqueness. I'm Remy, and I'm damn cool as it.

I'm tired and drained.

Wow... that was alot better.

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