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I dunno... I'm kinda zonked.

Amanda and I are conflicting on the Jamie issue. Andrea is having some Greg problems. Sarah and Dennis... well, Sarah and I cooked an awesome dinner. We rock. Totally. It was good stuff, and you missed it. Sucks to be you. Me, Sarah, Dennis and Andrea wolfed it down to get Andrea back here in time to hit rehersal, she was late anyway. Greg won't be picking her up for a bit, so she may chill here after rehersal. Anywho, I'm all about the cheering the Andrea.

I'm also all about the infinite remydom. When I relax a bit, I can just feel myself as Remy. I'm all about my potential, and the manifestation thereof.

Everyone is shaping up to be cool... or they're drifting away. Everything is realigning, and I think the end is unexpected.

To quote the muslim dude from HVPN today, "If you can imagine it, it's not God." If you can imagine it, it's not how this is going to work out. Nothing works out like you think it will, especially when I'm involved. I don't even know what I'm doing half the time, but I'm all about it.

And I'm all about saying "all about." And I'm not even drunk.

I am not all about getting work done. FUCK WORK! I don't care. It's not me. I've been really busy this weekend, and in addition to being a mad scientist, I'm also going to be an artist. After I get my life somewhat settled, I'm going to go about getting some of my work in a local gallery.


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