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Good Morning Remydom

I'm feeling... shpif. Relaxed, mellow, wet and cold, but happy. I'm cutting out the influences I don't want in my life. No more from the Justice Leauge America I've decided. Or the Jamatsy node as I've referred to it in less friendly moments. But all bitching aside, if you're a hinderance to me... goodbye. I'm not cutting you out, don't worry. I'm just not going to go out of my way to share with you anymore. You need me, I'll be there. But remember, and don't be offended when I don't need you. There are people that I need, people that are dear to me, but those numbers are becoming fewer. I'm no longer going to "be polite" with people who don't deserve it. Screw 'em.

My crush list is on the verge of being clean. I've been going through, and spending time around people with whom I've had a slight crush, and BOOM... it goes away. "Waaaaiiiitttt... sorry no, I saw something else there for a second, but it wasn't what I thought it was."

I've got one person on my crush list to spend time with and shove 'em off, but I know I will. It's a matter of internalizing the realization that they aren't what I want.

What do I want? The Dragon and I summed it up pretty well.

Did I post about this? I don't remember. Ah well, it bears repeating.

The dragon showed me an image. I was looking at an individual in my crushlist, and reached out to them, and opened them, like a door, and on the otherside, I saw the best aprts of myself, the self I was trying to be, the self I wanted to be. And I realized that they were doing the exact same thing. That is my paradigm relationship. Both people using the other to transform themselves into something better.

It's moments like these that the infinite
	is tangible
and full
	and empty
And my text formatting 		is meaning
and just done
			to look novel
	but without purpose
		i can imagine amanda
			thinking this horrible poesy
and the bane it would be to leslie
	and how it's not really anygood
				as prose
	and ranting about my formatting
		but you know what?
			I don't care

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