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print ([Unknown LJ tag], "Hello World");

Name that language! C'mon, who knows the language that my subject is written in (PVX, you are not eligible, because if you don't know it, you should be electrocuted with your power supply).

So, I skipped Database. At one o'clock, as I ran out for my next class, I remembered the assignment that was due. You know, the one I got together with Marie to work on? Yeah... so, at 2:30, I run out to numbers, after running into Andrea- you know you're hungry when cheetos make you salivate. Yeah, I didn't snag breakfast this morning, and didn't have much of a dinner last night either.

Hand in the homework late. Explained that I had passed out in my chair till 12:15, which is half true... I considered passing out, and passed out in spirit, if not actuality.

Anywho, I'm doing grandly shpif at the moment. I think I'm going to swing over to Sarazen to wake 'Manda up though.... she went there to sleep there. I had a long dinner with my friend who's name I never can remember. Then I stopped to climb a tree.

My favorite tree.

TO SARACEN! (The Sarazen student union is named for George Sarazen, who donated lots of money to have a building named after him. I instead, am favoring it with the name Saracen, to honor the medival islamic warriors known for thier fiercness).

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