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Good morning world.

Can ya smell the day? Oh wait no, that's the tea tree oil I'm using to clear up this nasty skin thing. Don't confuse tea tree with tea... bleh... that'd be unhealthy.

I'm feeling... there today. I've been going through this kinda primal animalistic thing from time to time, where I just want to drop down on all fours and run about, leaping from tree to tree, and not using words. It's just... fun.

TIM comes home on tuesday. Long story short, good buddy tim; his family moved away to California, and he ends up going to college in Utah (BYU, they're mormons, whaddaya want?). We all miss Tim, but he comes to visit last summer, and he spent it hanging with us and crashing wherever he was getting put up, and we all loved to put him up. And then, he was faced with the choice of going away and loosing contact with the world for two years when he went on his mission, or going his own way...

So he's moving back on May 1st. Gonna get an apartment, prolly with our good buddy Ben.

This summer's gonna rawk.

There wasn't nothin' wrong with the way she moves, with scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues

You know what else?
My life is really dull on a daily basis.

Rob Brezny is the Second Coming

The second cumming of WHO, we'll never know.

Pun intended

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