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Man, is it an LJ morning or what...

I wish I had money. I at one point was working on a story where some punk gen-xer, overcome with how much money went to all the wrong places got a hacker buddy to redirect funds from corporations he thought were evil. I know, kinda a stretchy premise, but a fine vehicle for the mass media, and for the story I wanted to tell. The corps of course, are unhappy about this, and the FBI comes looking for the punk gen-xer, who of course goes out on the lam. At the same time, one of those corps happened to be a front for the russian mafia (the italian one is faaaar too overdone). There's a long, cross country chase, where punk gen-xer spends his money in funny, inspiring and heart touchingly charitable ways, and in the end, the FBI agent ends up snagging the two russian mafia hit men sent after him, and he gets away.

I think I'd make it a harsher tale now. Same gooshy premise, but without the neat, clean hollywood ending. Gritty tales of harsh reality, but blasting through a kernel of hope... that's more my speed. The world is this way, and it sucks and will kill you eventually, either by violence or attrition. But it doesn't have to suck. You are greater than the entire suckitude of the universe.



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