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I want my MTV

When the first line of my horoscope mirrors my exact thoughts, it kinda makes you go, "MAN Rob Brezny, you're neet!"

Relationships have been on my mind as of late, and I'm not talking a "relationship" in the "together" sense. Foolishness!

The more romantic relationships are just special cases of the basic relationship type, friendship. You choose how much of yourself you want to devote to a specific individual, based upon how much that person brings out the self you want to be.

Egoistic sounding? Perhaps. You associate with people that help to transform you into the person you want to be. If everyone were to do that, we would have all these clusters of people who are experiencing a most dramatic alchemy, as they run around reinventing thier idea of a superior self all of the time. It'd be awesome. A chaotic, orgiastic, rhythm.

Man... that'd be shweet...

I also think that monagamy tends to be a crippiling factor in our society, more beacuse of it's mistreatment than any philosophical problem; the modern conception of marriage and devotion is rather limiting and a cause of complexes. No, I'm not advocating polyamary in all cases for all people, but I do think that we need a response to shake out the rather stiff and crippling conventional morals. Because people need to find the path that is right for them, and if all of society has agreed to something simply because it's what people do, that stifles people.

Yes, I'm talking about an emotional and social anarchy. Give to Dubya what is Dubya's, but you are your own determining force. You are your own boss. Discodia declares you a Pope, because you are your own highest authority.

The shittiest part about what I'm saying, is that with power and freedom comes responsibility. Freedom isn't the ability to do whatever you want; it is the responsibility to do what you think is right.

Man, what a brainfart...

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