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The Marvels of Remydom

Life, the UNiverse and Everything. That's what I do.

I had a sudden realization- I'm perfect (and by implication, the entire worldself is perfect). What you say? This is far from a perfect world. First off, POSH! Anyone who can't see how perfect this world is needs some remidiation.

But let me get back to this, the cuase of all problems in the world. Each individual person is perfect, and at any given instant, that is the instant where they are most perfect. Too few people realize this though, and just going, "Oh yeah, I'm perfect," isn't enough. It takes that bone deep belief. You don't need to get blue-blind paralytic drunk when you're upset, because you are an infinity better than those problems that are upsetting you. You don't need to plant your fist in someone's face because you're a intinity better than that act. You don't need to suffer, because you are an infinity greater than anything that could cause you pain.

Thou Art God.

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