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Remy's Tips for All Nighters

Big keys for spending an entire night consious. First, have plenty of water available and something somewhat diuretic. Caffine will do, but remember, you're not using it for the caffinee rush, you're using it to keep fluids passing out of your system, keeping the pipes clean, since your body isn't getting the chance to do it like it normally does.

Don't do anything boring the next day. That's the quickest way to lose your streak.

Have a loud alarm clock, and try and snag 15 minute cat naps when you can, or even better, snag an hour and a half in a block. That's roughtly two sleep cycles I believe, and it'll take good care of you for the day.

Do not, do NOT use stimulants. That's a lousy way to keep your body going. Use activity. Light excersise. Masturbation. Whatever, just keep your body busy every now and then so your mind can stay focused.

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