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I feel like a quote out of context, 
Withholding the rest, 
So I can be for you what you want to see, 
I've got the guestures down, 
And the timing and sound.

Yay Ben Folds Five.

Anywho, today's running pretty darn smooth. Got a headache though, but no matter. I've got to finish that paper, oh and tack on one last glitch to my homework assignments.

Database Homework #5 - December 9th
Problem? It needs the book. I don't have the book. Feh.

I'll see if Marie or Pete wants to get together to work on it. Preferably Marie, she's a hottie. Gotta love someone who purposefully goes to class a minute or two late, just cause she can. Course... I usually walk in at about the same time she does. Bah!

"From some other planet I get this funky high off a yellow sun..."

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