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Hey, i'm bored, get over it

So anywho, I had a dream that I pretty clearly remember over break.
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So anywho, I had a dream that I pretty clearly remember over break.<br.
Siena- no, the college I was at (decidedly not Siena), was offering as a for credit course, a course on Reiki. The professor was reminicient of Dr. Clements, in her short round earth mother stature, but had dark hair piled on top of her head, very stringy and old ladyish. Thick thick glasses. The class was pretty big, but I apparently missed the first half of the semester completely, and only started going half way through. Intent on not failing however, I approached the professor, who quite kindly told me that she could catch me up, in a single afternoon.<br>
This dream took me all around the school, walking with my prof to her office, I remember that the campus was pretty big and pretty modern looking. A four story SUNY Albany. Her office had wood paneling and ugly seventies orange furinture and carpeting. But she matched it curiously enough. Also, that really off orangey lighting too, that I associate with really cheap lightbulbs.<br>

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