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Heh heh heh

Hey, I forgot that the wordwrap in emacs != a newline. Heh... whups.
Sorry for that loooong text. Won't happen again. I should add something to the script to prohibit that.

Ah well... anywho... what was I saying?

Okay, sudden, "Oh duh, I knew that already but wasn't thiking about it" realization- I'm still as in love with Amanda as ever, I just have no interest in a relationship. Because that's bad. Friends is good. I tend to prefer good. I'm embarking on the Eucharist of Chaos. I was considering the Jihad of Chaos, being that one involves celibacy, which is more convienent now than usual, but I'm drawn to the Eucharist (or is it just a subconsious hope that Remy's gonna get some?).

Anywho, the Eucharist of Chaos, a working of the cup will involve me doing the following for three weeks:

  1. Dedicate any sexual act to the conception of Chaos.
  2. Carry a magical Cup at all times.
  3. Determine for every sleeping period to have a dream in which a magical act is done.
  4. Keep a full record of dreams.
  5. Emotionally charge two sigils each day.
  6. Create one Chaos Elixir each day.

That Chaos Elixir part looks like fun. I'm just gonna go hog wild with that part, and quaff it with a vengence. Heeheeheehee...

Or maybe get others to quaff? Hrmmm?

I love you all...


Remy -- Washboard Virtuoso

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