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Welcome back Kotter...

MIRACLE! IT was a miracle? What? I dunno... who cares! Pick something, odds are, it's pretty miraculous.

I'm back at Siena... I went from Wedensday to now without touching a computer once. I had about 1/4 of the work I meant to do get done. I hung out, roleplayed, hit some mageknight... overall, really productive.

Did get some philosophy done, and now will make a two point sum up of Nietzche.

  1. Life sucks, what're you gonna do, cry about it? Just because it all sucks doesn't mean you can have fun anyway.
  2. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from being YOU. Find out who YOU are, and don't let things like morality, social opinion, popularity or bullies keep you from doing it.

Other notes... I have revised my image of the perfect human form. I mean, I've always been about pale skin and red hair, but now make it, pale skin, copper hair, and large silvery wings. If you have silvery wings, contact me as soon as possible, for I have found that they are extremely rare a feature. Am I sick to have a crush on a Mageknight figure?

I'm feeling really good, really jazzed. Everything is possible, and no longer shall I watch what I say in LJ... if it offends you... Good.

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