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Well, not really. But I had you goin' there for a second.

Some chick death metal band is on MTV. Kinda neet. The guitar she's using, while looking cool, is actually pretty shitty (happens to be one Jamie tried at a music store while I was around).

Celdih was a joy, even though I wasn't there for most of it. Treated myself to a $23.00 meal at Sushi King which involved saki of course. Mmmmmm... saki. I induced myself to a very slight tipsiness.

Before arriving at Sushi King, there was a very nice venting moment with Sarah and Dennis. Realized alot of sutff that was driving me up a wall. And I'm going to be a reiki test dummy for Sarah and Dennis, even though I've in the past gone into panics while reiki was being used. I'm plotting on getting over it and clearing out some blocks.

I finally met the Christa of whom I've heard so much. She's kinda neet, and that's not just because I mentioned my mad scientist goals and how I wanted "to be Tesla when I grow up," and she went "Ooooh! I love Tesla!".

Yay! Teslafans!

Must continue this interaction, there's a great deal of shpifpotential methinks.

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