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Mad Science... or just plain Mad?

Today... was a neet day. I've finally tracked down a copy of the book I have to have read for tomorrow with notes. The teacher reccomends 4 hours reading time. No problem...

I own't be able to get my hands on the book till 1030.

In other news?

Okay, so I've been playing with some magickal experiments (M stuff as I prefer to say), and working on ZPM (Zero Point M-energy). I've come up with a rather solid method of creating a ZPM generator, but not shielding it as of yet (a simple application of basic techniques, I just haven't done it yet).


Start by making an M-ball, depending on your application, you may want to experiment with hollow/solid ones. By default, I reccomend solid.

Now, here's the kinda tricky part. Suspend it infront of you. Then, formulate a coordinate axis with each hand, trace each line in a glowing string of energy. Each axis is 3 lines, all at right angles to each other. In each one, draw a fourth line at right angles to the other three (this requires a four dimensional twist, but I swear, with practice, it CAN be done!). At the instant that line is drawn, secure the two vortices to each other (this is a matter of mental will... just basically decide that they open up to each other), and the pair should collapse and line up with the M-ball you spawned.

Voila, you've made a SVG. There still remains a great deal of tuning to do however. Experiment with color of the ball, density, ball size vs. vortex size ratios, and anything else you can think of, trying to find a SVG setting that outputs the most, but also seems pretty stable. I suggest that once this is all done, you affix the SVG to some physical object, just so that you have a reference point and don't "lose" it when you forget where you left it.

Ummm... I'm not sure I explained that very well. If you try it, and find it not working well, let me know, I'll try and help you debug it.

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