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Fury at taking the easy way. Rage courses, I can't stand what? Myself. I can't stand myself for trying to weasel out the easy way. That's not to say that the hard way is the right way... but there are shortcuts, avoiding the issue and whimping out. I excel at these. Why? Because it's easy. I take the path of least resistance, and that always leads one way, downhill. Sometimes that's where you want to be, but not when you try and get to the source of the river, which is always uphill.

Struggle, strife... these are the things that improve us. Fear... is natural. But we must move onward, upward.

And it ROSE! (The men cheered, the women swooned, children waved multicolored banners and the band played the appropriate music).

This installment of angst has been brought to you by the number 7, and the letter D.

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