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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Would you like some money for doing nothing? No? Well fuck you then.

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Would you like some money for doing nothing? No? Well fuck you then.

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johnny cash
Minna and I haven't been too hot on buying a house. We're saving a big wad, and waiting for the right thing to come along. We're not going to stress about it, we're not going to angst over it. Our apartment is nice, cheap, and enough for anything we need.

In short, we're a Realtor's worst nightmare. They can't leverage us. "I've got another offer in, so you need to act quick!" No, no I don't. If I don't get this place, there'll be something else. Each place I've looked at is nicer than the last, and at a better price.

We looked at a place today, and we were feeling pretty good about it. We tagged along on someone else's showing, so we didn't meet the selling agent. In order to save a few bucks, Minna and I are willing to brave the process without a buyer's agent, if the seller's agent is willing to cut their commission from 6% down to 4-5%.

I thought this was pretty reasonable, and I've talked to some Realtors that were fine with such arrangements. This Realtor, on the other hand, gave me shit over it. "Oh, I'm way too busy to handle both sides of the transaction for a mere 4-5%."

Yeah, because we've eaten up so much of your day by getting you to show the house (oh, right, we didn't!). And, like a regular buyer's agent, we've dragged you to a million houses while looking for something we like (oh, right, we didn't!).

If we brought in our own buyer's agent, she'd get 3%. I'm offering her 1-2% on top of that all for the glorious chore of signing some papers. It just makes no sense to me- I'm offering you more money for doing pretty much nothing. It just boggles my mind. Even worse, she was such a raging bitch about it, that I don't even want her to get even the 3%- I don't want to do business with her. It's not that she was rude, or really lost her shit, she just started ranting at me well past the point where I was ready to drop the subject. I'm trying to cut you a deal, I'm trying to work out something were everybody wins. It's fine to say "No thanks," but she ranted at me about it well past the point where I cared anymore, and was just trying to end the phone call politely.

It's sad, because it was a nice place, but the condo fee was too steep anyway- $200/mo is just more than we could afford on top of taxes and mortgage. She had an offer in anyway (she claimed, and I believe it), so she can just hope that goes through, because I'm not going to counter offer, and if I see she's the selling agent on another property I'm interested in, I'm going to avoid it. It'd have to be something really special to get me to deal with her.

There's a reason Levitt equates NAR with the KKK (Freakonomics is an excellent read, by the way).
  • It was a nice place, but if there's one thing I've learned on this relaxed home-buying adventure we've undertaken, it's to never fall in love with anything. Bring brain, leave heart at home. Ninety percent of the time, even if all the stars are in alignment, you're going to get screwed by something (or someone). My sister's condo purchasing ordeal, and later that house deal of hers that fell through due to local government people who couldn't fucking put a piece of paper in the mail on time, are testament to this.

    I do definitely want a cat door into our someday basement, though. And, I hope the buyer of that place enjoys that billiards cue-stick we found in the basement- the one with the sexy lady on it... ;)
    • I think that was a late model Pamela Anderson, so "sexy" is a questionable claim.
      • Well, obviously, someone liked it. Unless they plaster their cue-sticks with pictures of girls they find repulsive, the better to keep their minds on the game...
  • Some people need to learn to be civil. Sheesh. I'm sorry that didn't work out, but you'll probably end up with a fabulous place sooner or later because you're going about this with cool heads.
  • Damn. That woman needs her head examined.
    • Speaking of- have you read Feakonomics? Because it's right up your alley. And Levitt is a man after your own heart.
  • I "read" (audiobook while going on walks) Freakanomics in May. It was great.
  • Many libraries have copies of Freakonomics in print and audio (CD). It is one of my favorites.

    I come across that attitude a lot with "pretty" women (pretty in that generic way which I don't get) and salesmen with the lowest prices in town. I guess that's what we get for being part of such a cheap, shallow society. Eh, whatever. I know you'll find something awesome with an awesome location and a side of awesome sauce!
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