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So, every once in awhile, with Heavy Metal pounding in my ears, my fingers on the keyboard typing "JETPACK SHARK" for the millionth time, building the ridiculous (and now finished) first draft of the short (it's 19 pages, but my target is 15) intro issue for Jetpack Shark, I stop and think: holy crap, was that a tortured sentence or what?

No, no, not that. I stop and think, "Hey, this is kinda ridiculous and hyperviolent. Is there a market for this, really?"

Thankfully, the latest Tales from the Longbox got posted today. For those unfamiliar, author Protoclown takes comics (bad comics), and rips the shit out of them with scathing commentary. It's like MST3K for comics.

And you know what? When I compare my ridiculous, silly comic to Marvel's rapidly decaying "Ultimates", I notice a few glaring differences. For starters, events make sense and happen for a reason. A causes B which causes C. Even when the events are structured for sheer awesomeness and play fast and loose with reality or physics there's an internal logic that carries things forward. Sure, all the characters are paper thin cartoons, but... well... it actually makes more sense. Again, it's got it's own internal logic.

Also, nobody ever says: "I thinketh it cuteth." Seriously.

Reading that and knowing that these people are getting a comic published simultaneously makes me feel good about my writing skills and weep for humanity.
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