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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Yet another idea... JETPACK SHARK!

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Yet another idea... JETPACK SHARK!

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You know me. I get ideas. From Recursed, the time travel game, to all sorts of other things. Writing, reading, programming, whatever.

Well, I've had another idea. It's turned into a mostly finished first draft of a script for a comic book.

Jetpack Shark: The Comic.

The title character, of course, is a shark with a jetpack. The setting is a post apocalyptic wasteland, with one final outpost of humanity: Oceanic City, a paleofuturist floating, domed city. Jetpack Shark has taken it upon herself to defend the city from all sorts of enemies: dinosaurs, robots, aliens, alien robots, robot dinosaurs, alien dinosaurs and alien robot dinosaurs. It's not an altruism thing, she's no hero. She's a shark with a jetpack. In exchange for her saving the city, she eats a few school children now and again. They're young and delicious.

The flavor I've been going for in the script is the narrative of a young kid playing with toys on the kitchen floor. I mean, these are the sorts of stories I made up as a kid. I mean, talking dinosaurs in giant speedboat just make sense in that context. It's crazy and wacky and emphasizes fun.

I need an artist.
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