How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Just this once....

Remy? A survey? Eh, I had a few minutes.

1.What is the color of life?
Blue. Definitely Blue. Except when it's not.

2.What is the color of death?
You know Death is so utterly pink. We're talking necco wafer pink too.

3.Have you ever been seriously ill?
Physically or mentally? Well, suffice it to say, I have never been ill... physically. Not seriously anyway.

4.Do you have any scars you are proud of?
Heh heh. The pucker in my forehead from where I ricocheted off of the metal top of a doorway being an idiot. The great burn scar on my arm from where I fell out of a go cart and landed on the radiator, arm first.

5.Do you like traditional weddings or off the wall ones?
Depends on the off the wall. I prefer tasteful, and I find the traditional style rather tastless in its opulence.

6.Do you part your hair in the middle?

7.Have you ever observed Buddhist monks making mandalas out of sand?
No, but I've watched them garden.

8.If you had wings, where would you fly to?
Mars. And none of that crap about wings not taking me there either.

9.Did you know that when women wear the color turquoise, men think they are easy, and other women are attracted to them?
Do you think I'd look good in tourqoise?

10.Cloth or disposable diapers?
Cloth... disposable never really is.

11.Do you live from paycheck to paycheck?
Ummmmmm... no. Mainly because I don't get enough in a single paycheck to do that.

12.Do you own at least one pair of black boots?

13.Do you keep in contact with friends who have moved far away from you?
Usually, I get them to move back (YAY TIM!).

14.Would you rather be a taxidermist or a sword swallower?
DUUUUDE! Can't I do both? C'mon... well, if I've got to pick, I'd go for the sword swallower, but being a taxidemist could be sooo much fun at parties.

15.Were you breast or bottle fed?
Bottle- what you get by being adopted by a mom who ain't got the working gizmos...

16.Top or bottom?
I'm such a bottom.

17.Do you like eggplant?

18.Were you an insect in a past life?
I'd hope so.

19.Have you ever scanned a dead animal?
"Scanned?" I really need to build a tricorder I guess.

20.Have you ever sat on a rotten owl? (a five year old came up with this question)
Nope. At least, not recently. Once sat on a rotten fox.

21.Do you have any fake teeth?

22.Have you ever thrown up on someone in a public place?
Public no...

23.Are you connected to the natural world?
In my own special way.

24.Have you ever ridden a horse bareback?

25.Have you ever stepped on a jellyfish?
I'm am without jellyfish experience- or ocean experience for such matters.

26.Do you read encylopedias for entertainment?
Not since 1995 when I couldn't handle reading our 1988 set anymore.

27.Are your closets organized?
Very. Stop laughing, I know where stuff is in my closet.

28.Do you dream of people you have never met in person?
I have, I have. Odd things happen usually.

29.Do you stand out in a crowd?
Not at all... ::cough, cough, cough::

30.Have you ever been mistaken for a sales clerk when shopping at a store?
Yep. Well... not while shopping. While hanging out with my friends employed there, yes.

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