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The Return

Minna and I have returned from Vegas. She gathered quite the bundle of data, so for most recappy purposes, this covers the bulk of our trip.

We put a lot of miles on our feet, walking up and down the Strip, doing all the touristy things. While touring around Vegas, there were two stops that I was utterly blown away by. The first was a store called "Ancient Creations" which had a collection of artifacts, mostly coins, the oldest of which dated to about 2,000BC. Our attention was drawn by a Grecian bronze helm on display out front.

On a similar note, the other fascinating place was a rare books store, which- as Minna mentioned- had things like second-run copies of "Common Sense" and original volumes of other works from the 1600s. For a few thousand, we could have walked out with a signed first-printing of Slaughterhouse Five.

Another treat for me was stumbling across "Elton's Men's Store". Those of you that know my penchant for loud shirts can imagine what I found there. Sadly, I'm not going to drop $300 on a shirt, no matter how awesome it is (I was particularly fond of this iridescent green/pink number, although there was also a very schwank waistcoat), but it's nice to know that clothing perfectly suited to my tastes exists.

It was a great trip, and we'll definitely go back some time, although we'll definitely stay at the Venetian rather than the Luxor. Much more our sort of place.

In any case, here's my library of photos from the trip.
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