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Review(and early Christmas): Robots and Donuts

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Review(and early Christmas): Robots and Donuts

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Awhile back, I mentioned how Robots and Donuts was the coolest looking art-book I've ever seen.

Today, on an "early Christmas", I can confirm: it is the most awesome art-book ever. Thanks to Minna, I have a copy. It fulfills its promise. I mean, the premise is pretty solid (and encoded right in the title), but you also get treated to "Robots and Dinosaurs" as well as "Robots and Kaiju". An entire section dedicated to "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots" treats you to such awesome moments as a recreation of this famous picture. Oddly, one of the images I appropriated from the website promoting the book, isn't in the book. Unless pages stuck together, which is possible. In that case, I'm sure I'll find it in the many other times I'm going to be flipping through the book.

I must be honest, it's very much like the artist read my mind, and rendered it on canvas. From the image of donuts crossing the countryside while robots and UFOs do everything they can to stop the advance of the confection menace, to the Las Vegas themed The Last Temptation of Sparky, there's nothing but awesome in this book.

Seriously. AWESOME. Suffice to say, I like my Christmas present.
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