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Night of the Missing Persons!

Bwap bwap bwap!

Last night, was the night of the missing persons. This morning I discovered that none of them were dead. But... Sarah and Dennis were supposed ot be at the armor workshop, but weren't. Missi and her friend Christa were supposed to be at the Players Party, and at 5am, when I finally went to bed, one would expect my roomate to be home.

I know Sarah and Dennis live, but I don't know why they weren't there. Missi anc Christa left early because they didn't think we were coming and Christa was tired, and my roomate... umm... well, he passed out behind townhouse nine, and security took him to the hospital. Which is a problem. A) He doesn't remember it. B) He's underage and C) He's had previous alchy violations. Oh, and D) I'm the one who got him the bottle of vodka so he could have a drinking contest.

Oy... Hopefully he won't get kicked of campus. 'Cause that would suck.

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