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Tempus Fugit

Like whoa...

From armor workshop to Wolf Road, hanging with Jen, 'Manda, Liz, Brett and Jamie, to the RPI Players Party, chillin' with Jen and lots of accquaintances/strangers.

Tonight... was... neet.

After the usual fun hanging out with the "crew", I actually had a normal (for a player's party) experience. No Beth induced angst, no sitting in a corner the whole night in melencholy. I moshed. I spazzed. I bounced on the dance floor like an epileptic on speed, dancing with Chuck, with crowds, with people I brealy know. Did a rather distasteful thing to get a cloven fruit just so I could make sure I had the balls to offer it to a stranger (which I've never had the gumption to do before). She had the longest hair I'd ever seen... probably about mid thigh.

I must have been quite the sight, in my Trenchcoat, wearing my scarf, chuck in hand, bouncing and gyrating, letting my body roil with Chaos, reveling in it.

And why is it, that you can't carry a cane sized device and dance without strutting like a stereotyped pimp?

Or was that just Chuck's doing. Chuck's determination to get laid was overwhelming, and I think she might be at some point tonight... she's got that whole dream thing, like she did with Sarah. But I'll be really jealous if she snags long hair girl....

Heh... you can tell any lightwieght infatuation with a stranger by how I refer to them. <> girl. Like Towel Girl (who did a great service by wandering to the shower in just her towel, Smiling Girl, who's smile was eye catching, Atari Girl (whom I later got to know as Christina), who just looked plain cute in her atari shirt. Now, added to the list is long hair girl.

From an objective standpoint, I find it quite funny. Of course, I've found pretty much everything pretty funny as of late.

Share a Zen moment with me. ZEEEENNNNNN.... okay, done.

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