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  • 21:35 t3knomanser: #Webkit is the engine under #Safari and used in #Konquerer. #Camino is okay, but too feature poor for my tastes. .. #
  • 11:40 t3knomanser: Just had one of those sorts of meetings that shocks you. Management thinks of me as a guru and THE goto guy for ... #
  • 13:38 t3knomanser: Hey look, I'm quoted in a #lifehacker article. #
  • 13:38 t3knomanser: Er, there's me being quoted in #lifehacker (forgot the link) #
  • 13:38 t3knomanser: Seriously, today is ego boost day. I'm certainly not complaining. #
  • 15:39 t3knomanser: In #SqlServer you can't access a temporary table from inside of a function. What an utterly bizarre constraint. C.. #
  • 15:39 t3knomanser: That constraint matters because #SqlServer doesn't have closures, so the only way to get results from dynamic sql.. #
  • 15:39 t3knomanser: The fix is to make a procedure with an output parameter, but that's so ugly. It's not a procedure, it's a functio.. #
  • 15:39 t3knomanser: Just testing xmpp from my phone. #
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