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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Busy Weekend : Family

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Busy Weekend : Family

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Rainbow Me
Long weekend, but it was nice. My family came in from out of town and visited for a few days (speaking of, apples491, I haven't forgotten about your potential visit, just been very busy- I'll call you this week). They really liked seeing the 'Burgh, even though they weren't here for all that long.

Friday we took them around Downtown and Shadyside for a bit. They were blown away by both, although they were more impressed with Shadyside. It's the nice, quiet, urban neighborhood with shops and restaurants in striking distance. On Saturday, my Mom and Sister opted for shopping, so we hauled them out to the Waterfront for a few hours so they could enjoy the lack of sales tax on clothes. Then back to Downtown for a Pirates/Mets game. They were stunned by the fact that the tickets were $16 (Pirates tickets are cheap). Today, a quick breakfast and then they ran off to the airport.

I'm a homebody that doesn't get out much, so this was a big, active weekend for me. I'm blasted, and look forward to just vegging for the remainder of the day.
  • I've been here a decade and I'm still amazed at the lack of sales tax on clothing in PA.
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