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I'm a Stunt Artist

Well now... tonight was a great night... the afternoon is pretty good too. ::wink wink:: No need to discuss that...

But tonight... ahhh... tonight. Sarah, 'Manda, Dennis, Liz and I all got together in Sarah and Dennis'apartment and had a ball. We did a night full of energy work. We got really jazzed too... haven't worked like that in awhile... even the last visit to Trimount didn't jazz quite the same way. I've found my vulgar magick group. Basically, I wanted to get together a small cabal, lease some space where no one else would enter, and we'd all work on doing the stuff that's real blatant... stuff like fireballs, warping space (speaking of, the apartment got a little bigger, I swear). I'm going to track down my laser pointer and start working on some mage-tek, like a mageblaster centered around a laser beam with a few... addons. It'll be fun.

The bragging point for the night? Three or four of us managed some actual telekenisis. I've never seen anything like that before... it was awesome. Go ahead... call me crazy, deluded and... whatever. I dare ya...

You'll be half right... ::grin::

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