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April 20th, 2014

It's common knowledge that television & movies pander to their target audiences at the expense of realism, such as the way that sci-fi shows love make all their female cast members bimbos (or at least dress like them) to cater to their 30-year-outdated idea of what a "nerd" must be like (being that outdated probably has a lot to do with the short life span of modern sci-fi shows - just saying)

So here is an example that you may not have noticed before, again with sci-fi shows/movies: In sci-fi universes, single child households are normal. Now think about this for a minute. Let's take the Star Trek universe, where they have matter replication technology that can create food, medicine, tools - pretty much anything - out of thin air. This means that the idea of resource scarcity is extinct. It's also a basically communist society, so there is no FARTS to hinder people, either. And for some reason they can't go two light years in any direction without stumbling across yet another planet with a boringly conveniently Terran biosphere.

Now add all that together and explain exactly why it is that people growing up & living in such a perfect universe would stop at one kid? There is no lack of food, no lack of shelter, no lack of education, medicine, or places to live. There is no valid reason left in such a society to put any kind of cap on explosive population growth other than "mom's tired." Just look back into our own nation's history if you want to see what happens when people discover a new world with plenty of space and bountiful resources.

The answer is obvious: They're pandering to the archtype of the neo-liberal viewer whom probably came from and will ultimately create yet another single-child household. They're probably also not affluent enough to have more kids even if they wanted to, and probably has certain environmental-moral thing about mass-spawning holding them back as well. In other words, these entertainment producers are trying to make their cast look more like the audience, realism be damned.

A realistic Star Trek universe, then, would be one where everyone is Denobulan or at least like Kirk; meaning that the concept of monogamy is kind of out-dated, especially when someone wanting to skip out on child-support can simply leave the fucking planet entirely. The only valid caps on population growth would be a lack of teachers (actually, nix that - holograms & supercomputers make them irrelevant) or the limits of the female half's desire/willingness to crank out babies. And before you ladies raise your hand on this, remember what I said before: There is no such thing as poverty, there is no lack of space. If you want to live in a sixteen bedroom house with a dozen android household servants, go for it. Nothing is stopping you. Oh, and you don't need to actually have a job if you don't want one. You've got nothing but free time to spend however you want.

Changes the perspective a bit, yes?

April 15th, 2014


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