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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Telemachus Sneezed

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Telemachus Sneezed

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run the fuck away
Apparently, they're acting out Atlas Shrugged in real life now, with Google playing the part of "Rearden Steel".
  • Did I throw Atlas Shrugged at you, or, did you read it independently? I can't recall at the moment.
    • You threw it at me.

      For what I remember of it, I can't imagine why it was so damn long. It's definitely her best work though, Anthem is, in retrospect, somewhat clumsy as a distopia. There are much better structured communalist distopias, like We
      • Having re-read both recently, they're both pretty clumsy. Atlas is certainly better, but, it gets overly preachy. The characters don't talk -- they have pages worth of sermons.

        Subtle, Rand certainly isn't. Altough I've grown beyond both books, I've still got a soft spot for them.
        • What I recall of Atlas Shrugged could be condensed into a handful of pages, without, I think, losing much of the point of the original. There's a lot of sermonizing fluff.

          That said, I remember the struggles of Rearden Steel pretty vividly; as a cautionary tale, I can prize that much of it. Rand has a grasp of certain social issues that is useful to think on- even though it's certainly incomplete.

          Getting back to the linked article though, I find it disturbing to see that Google may be punished for being too successful. Unlike Microsoft, which was using predatory business practices and actively preventing new entries into the market, Google is maintaining their expansion through diversification and just being damn good at what they do. Their brand carries a lot of weight.

          Legislation and litigation seems to be the last refuge of those who can't innovate.
  • ...And here I thought you were talking about the movie that apparently is in production...
    • I hate the idea of a movie.

      1) The book is way to expansive and rambling to translate to screen.
      2) The book isn't a narrative, it's a manifesto.
      3) There aren't really any compelling characters. The only people in the book are archetypes.
      4) The book isn't really all that good.
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