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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Holy Shit I'm glad I don't live in England

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Holy Shit I'm glad I don't live in England

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run the fuck away
Police in the UK seeking power for "instant justice", the ability to punish a crime without the hassle of taking it to court.

What could possibly go wrong?
  • Due process surrenders. This is bullshit- and if it happens in the UK, you can bet it's coming here.
  • It seems that Brit-Cit may evolve ahead of Mega-City One at this rate...
  • I love how the caption says "the public" wants antisocial crime dealt with swiftly. But Blair's big program to stop nuisance crime, although it has great support among some, is also reviled by a significant minority (if not majority) of the population, considered a tremendous waste of resources, a bandaid solution, and a major threat to individual freedoms.
  • I'm not sure its that bad. At least the specific proposals they are making. They aren't suggesting they be given the right to beat up troublemakers or anything. Just to tell people(teenagers mostly) that they need to not congregate in town centers, to tell gang members not to associate in public, to search people previously convicted of crimes involving knives, and to impound cars from people repeatedly pulled over without a license or insurance.

    It would all be apealable to the courts as well.

    The main problems I see with it are ones involving precedent and what additional powers they might be given down the road, as well as the simple fact that these "new powers" are really not probably going to be that dramatic of a tool.

    The fact is that most of those powers are already in effect in the US in one form or another and have been for decades and it doesn't really help matters any when deeling with gangs and teenage thuggery. I'm not sure why they think it'll help them over there unless they have a much more active and much larger police force than we have here. Telling a crowd of teenagers to disband just means they are going to reassemble somewhere else where they don't think you are likely to notice them, so unless you have police actively following them arround then its unlikely to do much more than just clearing out the most public places.

    If that's all they're trying to do then I guess its no real skin off my nose.
  • *utterly depressed*

    so didn't need to see that this morning.

    now I must go destroy humanity England for being too stupid to live.

    okay just finished the article and realized only a small number of people want this. unlikely to pass.

    england can live. -.-
  • Judge Dredd
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