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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Death and Rebirth

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Death and Rebirth

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run the fuck away
Something bad has happened every Friday for the past three.

Two Fridays ago, Minna and I were deathly ill. Last Friday, she had her seizure. Obviously, that one is the biggest major event lately, but those that know me know last night's tragedy, while not nearly equal, is as close as one can get.

My laptop died.

Gwynydd, the reliable iBook G4 coughed up her last, in relation to what appears to be a logic board failure. This left me with an issue- I could take 5-7 days and spend $320 to repair a laptop I was planning to replace in a few months anyway. Or, I could wait 2-3 weeks, suffering without a handy computer for that time, and get a $1999 MacBookPro.

Or, if I could come up with a way to clear out $500 more, I could have a much nicer MacBookPro right now. So I thought, and thought- where could I quickly recoup $500? And suddenly, it dawned on me. Within 100 days, I could recoup that cost. How?

Quitting smoking. Given a choice between a hot new computer and another pack of cigarettes, I think we can all guess which way I went. So now, I have a 2Ghz MacBookPro with a gig of ram and 256MB video card. 100GB hard drive. It is TEH SEXOR.

Bonus: Minna is, of course, happy I'm going to quit.

Of course, I've still got some smokies left, so I'm gonna finish out this pack. Speaking of...
  • oh no! Sorry for the loss of your laptop, (does Hallmark make that card yet?) but good luck with quitting! :)
  • I'm deeply sorry about your loss. but on the plus side newer ,shiner laptop makes jeremy a happy man . and congrats n quitting smokeing
  • Congrats on the quitting. I never got really into cloves, but, I still crave them in certain situations. I blame you entirely for getting me started. ;p

    Sorry about the laptop & good luck with both the quitting & the saving it up.
  • Grats on the choice to stop smoking! It's probably better for Minna anyway. I'm not sure if the cloves would affect her or the medication she's on, but the risk of second hand smoke (just as deadly) isn't there.

    You guys need to stop having trauma on Fridays though!
    • ...second hand smoke (just as deadly no clinical study has shown it to be bad unless there's a preexisting medical condition)...

      Fixed that. There hasn't been a single case of cancer caused by second hand smoke, or any other long term health problem, unless the person already had asthma or some similar problem.

      That said, thanks, but I'm not too worried on quitting. The first two weeks are kinda bad, but once you're past that, the nicotine has gotten out of your system. And seeing as I'll quit for two weeks now and again, I'm pretty good at that part.
  • It took a computer to make you quit. Why doesn't this suprise me?
    • Remember who said all this, Apples.

      Well Remy, it's a good thing you just didn't order a fan and wait a few days to replace it yourself. Impatience is a virtue. :p
      • It was worse than just a fan. The logic board or the power management unit were some of the favorites. Both of them are involved in getting the right voltage to the fan, and so that's probably what screwed the fan.
  • You'll have to tell me how those work out. We're getting a random variety of the MacBookPro in shortly at work (Best Buy is the devil) and I'll have to sell them to people who aren't smart enough to actually go to an actual apple store and get them cheaper.
  • That is, in fact, the best reason *EVER* to quit smoking. Well done, lad!
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