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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Stinkin' Cat

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Stinkin' Cat

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johnny cash
One of my cats, Rochester, pulled a big bonehead manuver tonight. I was doing the traditional dangle-a-string-watch-him-kill thing. He pulled it from my hands a few times (a thirteen pound cat dropping all his weight on a string suddenly can do that), and I finally lost interest, and let him have it.

Little did I know that he would be quite so satisfied with his kill. A moment later I hear him making swallowing sounds, and look down just in time to see the last bit of string vanish down his gullet.

I am not amused. I'm hoping to wake up to it in a pile of puke tomorrow. Failing that, a nice stringy pile of shit when I get home from work. Failing that- somebody's going to the vet. I'm gonna give them a ring in the morning just in case I'm wrong with this plan, and he needs to be taken in sooner. Sarah said she'd pick him up while I was at work, because she rocks.


Well, Sarah called the vet on a hunch. As you might note in comments, they said that they should see him ASAP. Sarah, queen that she is, picked him up so Minna and I could get some sleep for work (manycolored aka Sarah has nothing in the morning fortunately- he couldn't have pulled this tomorrow night, when I wouldn't have had class in the morning. I digress.)

Vet made him pukey, and up came the string. He got some sedation, so no food for awhile. But no string in the guts, which can apparently do some Very Bad Things(tm).
  • Just give me a ring in the morning and let me know if he has an appointment or has helpfully hurked it up on his own.
  • Wake up! On hunch I called the emergency clinic hotline and they say to bring him in RIGHT NOW. I'm sending Jeremy over to pound on your door until you get up and call me.
  • unless it was that plastic string he'll probably digest it pretty well
  • They took him in the Back Where the Vets Go and I waited. And waited. And then I heard a big cheer. And about five minutes later the vet came in with the string for me to look at, and to tell me that Rochester was a very lucky kitty. (If it hadn't come up, it would have been another saga of Sarah Spends Days Cooped Up In A Room With A Sick Cat, waiting for him to either start vomiting - sign of blockage - or for the string to emerge out his ass - and then rush him to the vet again.)

    When I took him home, he couldn't even stand up. He was thoroughly sedated, between the stuff they gave him to make him puke, and the stuff they gave him to make him stop puking. I sort of draped him into a towel nest. Hopefully Sephie will leave him alone, but I couldn't find a place to isolate him other than the bathroom, and then how to decide who got the litter box? I put the food and water up on the counter. Sephie should be able to get there, but Rochester is too stumbly and groggy to find it. He can eat again around 7 or 8 if he wants to. If he won't eat, try feeding him canned food for a few days, says the vet.
  • You're a lucky man! In the cat health community I'm getting quotes of anywhere from $1000 to $3000 for the surgery to remove string from a Stupid Cat (TM).
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