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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

LJDrama is funny when you know them

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

LJDrama is funny when you know them

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run the fuck away
belt0033 is one of the arch-conservatives over in conservatism. Real tool. Sooooo... I get to see him over in ljdrama. Hee-fuckin-larious.

Hey, if I laugh when I end up in LJDrama, I can laught at people I don't like too.
  • Ooh have you read his Op Eds?

    Some really challenging material to get through. I, myself, had to get up, take a stretch, and return with a pot of coffee in order to maintain my concentration.

    So many words, so little content.

    And they weren't even big, pretty words. I guess that would be too liberal-elitist. :(
  • This guys a few beers short of a 6-pack. His writings about intellectual laziness in liberalism and liberalism in academia are retarded. Of course you have to do research in college, you moron! Otherwise you end up citing facts incorrectly and other boneheaded crap.

    I personally think his idea of 'independent thought' is academic laziness. The only kind of courses where his notion of 'independent thought' would hold any water would be philosophy courses, because everything in philosophy is subjective anyways.
    • Have you ever taken a philosophy class? Much like any other class, no one really cares about your insights- unless you support them with research.
    • Hey, philosophy major over here!

      Take a philosophy class at something other than a community college, and you'll find that your arguement must be properly supported by facts or correct refutations of the premises of others. Infact, a whole topic in philosophy is dedicated to this persuit. It's call logic. We also have epistemology, you know, the study of how we know things.

      I don't know if you took any philosophy classes, but my professors made us do rather deep research and often would scoff at papers with such "independant thought" as possibly forged. Of course, he encouraged independant thought if one used logic proofs to attempt to disprove an arguement. And since most of Kant is in the form of a logical arguement, a few students took it on. Believe me, we all thought they were crazy for even attempting it. But one student got a fellowship in China due to the work he did.
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