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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Story Thought

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Story Thought

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Building 'n Me
I'm not sure how to work the logic of this story idea yet, but it's one begging to be written.

My thought is this- Peter Pan does grow up, again and again, and each time, Peter grows into none other than Captain Hook. Each strike Hook makes against Peter is the adult's rememberance on the folly of his own youth, and each blow landed by Peter is a protest against what he knows he will become.

It's something that can easily be read into the story, but I want to make my own story from that.
  • Sounds almost like Star Wars. Or if you go with the literal Peter Pan grows up to be Captain Hook, sounds like a Nietzchean "eternal return of the same" concept.

    I really need to pick up Nietzche's books, what I've read about him is quite interesting, and I'm also curious to see how well the Nietzcheans in Andromeda track with the philosophies that supposedly inspired them.
    • Wow... um, let me put it this way, I didn't realize that the Nietzcheans in Andromeda were supposed to be Nietzcheans. But there's many conflicting interpretations of Nietzche, from complete suvival of the fittest-we-dont-need-morals, to the more friendly version I subscribe to.
      • Yup, they are. Supposed to be an incredibly strict interpretation. If you recall from the opening episode, Dylan quotes Nietszhce, and Tyr responds "You read the right books"

  • sounds cool to me. :)
  • Short story, or ten-minute (or one act) play? You'd get more out of the repetition, I think.
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