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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Partyless Federally Funded Elections

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Partyless Federally Funded Elections

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I've decided that it's not just the Two-Party system that's got to go- the Party System has to go. I propose a radical revamp.

First off, we're going to replace Parties with Platform Authorities. A Platform Authority creates a Platform Document, according to the rules laid out in a Platform Schema. This PD follows a very strict outline (think XML in how we organize it), wherin it lays out a description of the issues and a stance in reply to them. The strictness is very important because of:


Rarely does a candidate support the platform that his party proposes to the letter. A would be candidate can take the PD released by any PA, and combine it with the PD from any other PA, creating a Child Platform Document (CPD). The main purpose of the CPD would be to resolve any conflicts between the two parent PDs.

This done, the candidate releases his CPD to all of the PAs that he has chosen to borrow from. The membership of the PA can then judge the elegibility of the proposed CPD against their platform, based on weights that can be assigned in the PD. If the candidate meets those requirements, they then go into the candidate pool for that PA.

Now, the PA can then, after some system to be filled in later, select the candidates that have the best CPDs and measure their support for them. A single PA will obviously have many candidates in the pool- and a poll will be used to assign each candidate weight. A single candidate can be in multiple PA candidate pools.

A candidate must meet a "support level" in order to be considered eligible in this election, the support level qualified as a percentage of the PA's base membership. Once a candidate is eligible, they recieve a base stipend- each candidate recieves the same base stipend. Then, each candidadte recieves further federal money from the Federal gubbermint based on how high their support level is.

Private contributions are prohibited- your "contribution" is your weight in your PA.

Individuals can be in only one Platform Authority, but a candidate can be nominated from multiple PAs- which encourages the candidates to create a platform that has the widest appeal among the largest PAs.

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